Saturday, October 20, 2007

Symptoms - Test your disease knowledge

I missed a calling !

I took the test off the link on Ed's site.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Re: my post about having the lurgy.

I finally went to the Doctor this morning after much guilt inducement from Mrs M and other family members.

Turns out I have "mild" pneumonia.


Sledgehammer strength antibiotics for me then.
Started them already.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Here I am, sitting in an office with only half the usual amount of people working in it today. It is too warm, has been all year. A “constant” temperature that hovers between 23 and 29 degrees Celsius. Yes, I know, this is illegal but the normal rules don’t seem to apply for this health and safety stuff in here.

I digress, the heat must be getting to me, I am searching for a suitable metaphor, in the meantime I’ll go get some coffee (decaff-only the real stuff when I am out on my travels).

That’s better and since some colleagues are away I can train a fan towards me without bothering anyone else.

Ah, metaphors. Much as I do enjoy the dayjob I have been feeling that a certain challenge, creative fulfillment and self determination is missing in my life. Hence my searching for a suitable metaphor such as feeling lost at sea or something like that. Well, you get the picture so far, eh?

I really do feel the need to be master of my own destiny, going freelance as a photographer would give me that sense of freedom (whether real or no). I am aware that in doing so I would be a total slave to the mortgage and would have to relinquish such luxuries such as holidays and sick leave. No such thing when you work for yourself. Still, I am most definitely heading in that direction. The dayjob does provide satisfaction in some areas and absolute frustration in others.
Careful planning with regards to finances and lifestyle will have to be addressed.
Very careful planning.

Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s a sense of not having achieved my potential, maybe it’s an inner sense that there are things to be achieved, places to be experienced and a life to live?

This has been a joint production by Deep & Meaningful and Philosophy Thursday.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New fangled doo-dah.

Attention, or should that be achtung?

I am now broadcasting to you via the medium of wireless. ( Is this thing on?)
After some wrestling with a new wireless router/modem I have successfully set up "The Home Network" chez Mudflapgypsy.
Wireless encryption enabled etc etc, paranoid about security I am.
In fact I will be upgrading security even more as soon as I get Mrs M's new laptop up and running and firewall enabled.

This is my first posting from my macbookpro, so there.
I am sitting in the kitchen listening to radio 2 with a pot of lentil and carrot soup on the hob. I have been feeling very disposed towards soup and stew over the past week with a break for pizza in between.

I think I will love this wireless malarkey more and more.

In setting up I noticed that I was privy to another wireless with no encryption to boot ( there is a pun there....I know there is).
I may be a good neighbour and inform whomever it is that they should sort it out. Though, if it is the guy next door I won't as he is an ignorant twat....he moved in and I said hello and he just stared at me and made no reply.
I thought either he didn't understand english (nope), was deaf (nope) or was an ignorant twat ( yep ).

If it's him, everybody come round and use his connection!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Lurgy

On a brighter note, a photo of a roadsign spotted whilst in the wilds of Coalisland last week.

I have the lurgy. I was off three days last week to try and kick this infection and thought I was ok and was back in work Thursday and Friday.

Friday night I was due to attend a friends stag night.

I had a relapse and had to cancel all plans for the weekend.

My temperature skyrockets, I feel dreadful and have a rather sore head.

I am, of course, being polite about this, much swearing has been done when the paracetamol brings me to near human levels again

Mrs M has a shiny new laptop and I have to install wireless in the house now.

Hopefully this will happen by the weekend.

I'll be able to blog from the bathroom, now there's a thought.

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