Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Xmas spirit is finally here.....

I have decided after much deliberation that I am going to bloody well enjoy myself this year(not that I don't normally)...this means indulgence in the sorts of things that I love and hold dear. Wine,beer, whisky, chocolate, rich food and the female companion of my choice-as my name is Mud you can call her Mrs Flapgypsy. Though not all the same time as the mess created would be a pain in the arse to deal with suffering the sorts of hangovers I am prone to. My poisons of choice ( in the amounts I plan to consume they are most definitely poisons) are to be Tim Adams Shiraz, Blair Athol Whisky ( maybe some Laphroaig ), some nice ales-Tanglefoot and Hobgoblin to be precise, nasty lager in the form of interbrew's version of Stella Artois, high falutin' belgian style chocolates-burp. All to be shared with the Mrs of course, hopefully it will snow and we can cavort naked in the garden save a pair of santa claus hats with the fur trim.............AAhhh.....late nights with the embers of the fire glowing, headphones on, with the music of the spheres lapping at my eardrums...sheer bliss. I will be able to play with my new axe and no it hasn't got any strings. hehehe.

Monday, December 19, 2005


I love it. It's great fried and so am I or so I'm told.

Bah Humbug !

Bloody Christmas. Haaate it. Am listening to mucho xmas music to change my programming. It might be working.
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