Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New fangled doo-dah.

Attention, or should that be achtung?

I am now broadcasting to you via the medium of wireless. ( Is this thing on?)
After some wrestling with a new wireless router/modem I have successfully set up "The Home Network" chez Mudflapgypsy.
Wireless encryption enabled etc etc, paranoid about security I am.
In fact I will be upgrading security even more as soon as I get Mrs M's new laptop up and running and firewall enabled.

This is my first posting from my macbookpro, so there.
I am sitting in the kitchen listening to radio 2 with a pot of lentil and carrot soup on the hob. I have been feeling very disposed towards soup and stew over the past week with a break for pizza in between.

I think I will love this wireless malarkey more and more.

In setting up I noticed that I was privy to another wireless with no encryption to boot ( there is a pun there....I know there is).
I may be a good neighbour and inform whomever it is that they should sort it out. Though, if it is the guy next door I won't as he is an ignorant twat....he moved in and I said hello and he just stared at me and made no reply.
I thought either he didn't understand english (nope), was deaf (nope) or was an ignorant twat ( yep ).

If it's him, everybody come round and use his connection!!


Blogger Manuel said...

take it, take it, that'll teach him....

1:37 AM  
Anonymous Freshblade said...

Yes indeed. Stupidity deserves to be rewarded, especially when combined with rudeness.

3:47 PM  

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