Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wrap yer lugs round this !!

Just found this.....hahaha.....some marvellous stuff on here to listen to.
Just fantstic. The auctioneer is a blast.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

They've gone and done it now!

Our elected representatives have shown their true colors and put through the bill on ID cards. now compulsory when you apply for a passport. Scumbags. When do we start having to wear the yellow star then Tony?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

hell in a handbasket

Is it just me? The powers that be are pushing for Iran to be in breach of the NPT so they can invade and thus secure nearly all the oil in the middle east. A Danish paper publishes some cartoons. Not much happens. These cartoons are distributed along with some that weren't published amongst those of the islamic faith. Some other European papers publish the same cartoons the Danish paper did. All hell breaks loose. The Danish flag gets burnt in huge numbers and theirs and others embassies are attacked and razed to cinders. Where did all the Danish flags come from at such short notice? I can't buy one for love nor money ( not that I want to burn one). Suddenly we have a small but vocal minority of muslims who are venting their spleen in public and we are now supposed to live in fear and succumb to the logic that we need protecting against this menace. " Come on , whaddya need to get behind this, just get with the program, yeehaaaa!" Baaaaaah.
Knee jerk reactions all round. I didn't expect anything else.

Funny, only a few hundred protested outside the Danish embassy in Tehran. They used to be in their thousands chanting "Death to America" years ago, maybe they all got bored?

Well, things'll change in and around the 20th of March as thats when Iran starts trading oil in euros thus devaluing the dollar which in turn upsets the applecart we call the world economy.

Handy stirring up all those muslims as a smokescreen isn't it? The resultant western backlash is hilarious too with some libertarian blogs not even mentiioning the global context these events are happening in at all.

Disjointed ranting this may be but check it out yourself.
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