Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I've been a long way away.....

No thanks for coming back, eh?

Been to Cork...travelled in style ( read: flew and paid a small fortune for the privilege) and got to watch Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation play a blinding set ( half Zeppelin too...yeehaaa) in a circus tent.
Been to Edinburgh...great fun..spent waaaay too much money and got drunk at a friends wedding..wot ya do innit?

Chopped a tree down in the front garden, nearly did myself an injury with a branch or two.

Celebrated a great friend's 40th and I got so drunk I couldn't function until late the next afternoon at whcih point I had to get up and do a bit of cleaning as some friends were coming to stay over after a Guillemots gig. They were almost surprisingly marvellous. I had heard the album and two EPs and then when they could " do it live". most impressed. nice music indeed, lovely up tempo happy feel to it. I must mention that support was provided by The West Seventies and they were absolutely FAB !! Go check out TWS on myspace.

Becoming increasingly more annoyed at the imposition of a fascist state, I'm sure it will pass. Who am I kidding?
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