Friday, November 17, 2006


Tonight is beer night with a work colleague. I look forward to beer, some food and conspiracy theory ranting and intelligent political discussion. We may even discuss work, until we catch ourselves on that is. Pizza may be in order to fortify the constitution for the influx of beer. A couple of Guinness to start and then maybe a lager or four and a whiskey to round of the evening. Can't wait.....

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Mrs

Well it was the Mrsz birthday last week and I whisked her away to the North Coast for a wee break. Pints of Guinness, a game of pool in the Port hotel cellar bar, walks on the beach, eating in Coast, D'Arcys and the Harbour bar. Half cut in funland, who needs drugs anyway?
A well needed break from the rigours of modern life, or something like that.

Only back a day and we were invited out to Gillies bar in Ballymena. seemed like a nice wee bar, nice place to pick up a woman 10 yrs older if that is your "bag", maan. Great craic had with the couple we were with and then home. Made home made chips on Sunday and ate waay too many. Slept in badly on Monday, my alarm function on my phone didn't function. Anor day aff.
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