Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kodachrome RIP

How photography has changed, most professional colour work is now digital. With the end of production of Kodachrome we see the end of something special. It was the de-facto standard for professional colour photography for decades, even if it had a greenish tinge or a magneta tinge depending on it's age.

My interaction with it was short, in the early nineties. I much preferred the saturated colours of Fujichrome products. I blame youth. Now I would use Kodachrome.

I'm sure I can aquire a plugin for photoshop.....not the same at all really.
A projected slide is something to behold, especially one with the fine detail of Kodachrome. I suppose I could get my digital files written to film and project those if I wanted. I think I'll add that to my "to do sometime" list.


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