Monday, December 31, 2007

Hah! Bumhug.

So much for long winded rambling, perhaps witty, posting in the week leading up to Christmas.
Busy. Very Busy.

Still it's always nice to receive presents on someone else's birthday. Cheers, Jesus.

I am currently in the kitchen ( would it be any other way?) making an end of the year meal.
Same meal as for Mrs M's birthday.

Mrs M has had flu since boxing night so I have been attending to her and ferrying supplies of painkillers from the shops for her.

This hasn't stopped me from testing my liver to it's limits though. We did seem to receive an inordinate amount of wine this year, never mind what I bought. Damn fine it is too.

A bottle of Laphroaig too...yum!

Currently waiting for roasted butternut squash to cool so I can make gnocchi. Mmmmm getting hungry.

Mrs M bought "How to be free" by Tom has changed her thinking processes!
Living with me and listening to my droning on seems not to have been enough.
Looks like 2008 will see a bit of positive change for both of us. Yaaaay !

A plethora of good wishes for the coming year to anyone who happens upon this murky cul de sac.

I have yet more cooking to do.


Blogger Manuel said...

Happy New Year to you and Mrs Muddy......have a great one....

3:19 PM  
Blogger Hullaballoo said...

Happy New Year, great to find your blog. I left a comment on Mrs Mudflapgypsy too, to spur her on in blogland and cheer her up in her bout of flu (hope it's over now).

Roasted butternut squash is yum, how do you make gnocchi out of it.

Sounds like you guys have had a tough festive season. Hopefully drinking the lovely Laphroaig will improve things somewhat.

7:16 PM  

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