Saturday, December 01, 2007


Well, £175 lighter of wallet and an hour of helping my Dad and we have a new oil burner.

I saw how easy it was to install so next time I can do it myself. I'll also be able to do minor maintenance and cleaning now.

I missed the office christmas party but I have heat now. Lots of lovely heat !

I could run around the house naked it is so warm.

Now, that is mind pollution. Hahahahaha....

I've learned something new. I like it.

I did have a wee swally last night and made a huge pot of mashed potato and had veggie bangers with it. Marvellous.

Tonight it will be my infamous leek and gruyere tart with baby boiled potatoes and spinach.


Feckin' mofo.....

Ok, the oil burner was replaced but now one of the two water pumps has died. Why there is two I dunno. One should do the job.

One pump has died and now we have no heating. AAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Big fire going, which is nice, sourcing of two water pumps will commence next week.

No point just replacing one.


Only raki can save me now.

Cut and paste....I can't be arsed makin' it html.


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