Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Never More.

We were staying in Portrush at the weekend.

Seaside town out of season, cold, windy, some rain.


Going out to eat and drink and a long walk on the beach on Saturday, to enjoy the bracing sea air and marvel at the kite boarders. I had to envy the bodyboarders too as they had tired of the freezing water and were tobogganing down the big sand dune. Looked like lots of fun.

The beach looked like it had smoke flowing over it at ankle level because of the dry sand being whipped along. We walked from East strand ,or Curran if you want to call it that, down to Whiterocks and back.

On the way back I noticed a Raven floating in the wind with something white in it's beak. It dropped down onto an outcropping of the dune and sat looking round it. I would say nervously but I don't want to be anthropmorphic here. Another raven was floating in the wind up the beach a bit and it "reversed" and dropped down to sit beside the first one. The first one set down the white thing ,we were perpendicular to them by now, and the two of them looked about and watched us walk past. We were about 20m away, quite close to a raven, they normally fly away or you don't get that close in the first place. As we walked on the 2nd raven flew off again. The first one then started to dig a hole in the upright wall of the dune. It then proceeded to pick up the white object, put it in the hole it had dug and seal the hole over.

The 2nd raven kept in the air whilst this was going on.

I have never seen ravens behaving like this before, I know they are really intelligent but I can't work out what it was the raven was burying or why. I discounted going over and digging out the hole to be nosy. Rather rude to do so I thought.

Wonderful to observe.

A trip to the 2nd hand bookshop then lunch and a pint or two of guinness rounded off the afternoon.

A meal in D'arceys later on was very nice indeed. A nice spot, pay it a visit if you are in Portrush. Of course, after the meal it was nowhere else but Funland and a frantic half hour of video game mayhem and a game of air hockey.

Darth Vader kicked my ass.

Never get into a lightsabre fight on a full stomach.


Blogger Manuel said...

wasn't it pishing it down at the weekend? Portrush in the autumn/winter? Crikey.......

12:39 AM  
Blogger Mudflapgypsy said...

Nah, mostly dry, 'cept in my pint glass.

3:25 PM  

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