Saturday, December 15, 2007

Very very busy..., no...really !

The past couple of weeks have been really busy in work. More so than any other time this year. I've only been in the office a third of the time. Lots of outside work generating more paperwork...Aarrgghh.
I like it, reminds me of how life used to be. Still, can't discuss who employs me or what I do to keep the wolves from the door (are there really wolves round here? ) and no, I'm not a peeler.

I've only just had dinner and it is 23.39 according to the laptop. Me?, I dunno what time it is.

I was helping a friend today. He and his family are upping sticks and moving to Orkney.
I have been driving a van and lifting stuff since just after midday. No lunch and dinner at 23.15.
I'm not whinging at all. I had a great day. I was a friend today, in full effect. I feel good.

Tired though. Still, I made a friend for life back in 1996 and I helped him and his family today.

Funny how life is, eh?

I don't make friends easy at all, never have. Textbook classic introvert. ( Never mind another post, that is a lifetime of analysis right there!)

Mr Orkney is someone I should have and should spend more time in the company of.
Sometimes things don't work out that way though.

I am bloody knackered.
Only Sicilian red is keeping me going right now. Damn good it is too.

What else to report....I bought a new mouse for the mac.
A Razer Pro1.6. Manny, ya have to get one, makes thon mighty mouse look wick, like.

I'll post something long winded and interesting during the coming week.



Blogger Manuel said...

Funny you should say that......I got a new I mac's the dog balls.....but the mouse is poo.....I've connected the £5 mouse I got form Tesco's back on........

1:46 AM  
Blogger Manuel said...

happy new year Flappers....have a good one

1:12 AM  

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