Wednesday, November 28, 2007

If it was any colder it'd be freezing.

Have you seen the price of oil?

I don't mean crude at $100 per barrel.
(well maybe I do as that is where the bloody stuff starts )
No, the more refined stuff, 28 sec Kerosene to be exact.

I paid £0.46 per litre last week.

I nearly fainted at the price.

I got over it quickly enough though there were some odd noises emanating from the radiators.
The noises continued until yesterday when the heating didn't come on.

I bled a radiator, crap I just remembered I had to get another radiator key as I broke the one I had bleeding that last radiator.
I digress.

That didn't fix it.

I went out and opened the purge valve on the boiler.


Oh shit.

The image of hundreds of litres of oil soaking my garden sprang to mind.
I went and got a torch and checked the oil. No loss.

HUGE sigh of relief, that is until I remembered why I was looking at the oil level in the first place. Crap.

I unscrewed the inline filter in the oil pipe. This is not the cleverest thing to do when you haven't closed the valve at the oil tank. I was prepared for some oil loss but not the few litres that spewed out. My hands still smell faintly of kerosene today. That and the fumes gave me, as they say round these parts, "a wile sore head".

No heating last night. Ambient temperature rather mild for the time of year so no hardship.

I managed to close the oil valve and unscrew the oil filter, the fine mesh seems unclogged enough to me but on testing the oil still wasn't getting through.

I have phoned and booked a boiler service for tomorrow evening.
This is something I have never had done. We have been here over 5 years now.
About bloody time then.

More money to shell out. Gah.

Still, I am sitting here in front of a roaring fire after a large bowl of my current favourite quick dinner. Lentil and spinach pasta with chilli and garlic. I could eat this until I had peritonitis but I won't put it to the test. I love it. Very tasty and filling.

That said, I didn't pig out as Mrs M phoned to ask if I had eaten yet as she fancied getting a pizza. Who am I to say no to pizza?

Bring it on. Drool.

Normal heating will resume tomorrow, the management apologises for the delay.


Anonymous Hails said...

I sympathise with your oil woes. My main concern is that it's actually going to run out before I find the money to pay 46p a litre for more. Aghhhhh. You have the happy benefit of being a man, though. Taking control of situations, knowing what purge valves and inline filters are... I have no such capabilities and I attribute this in part to being a woman (also in part to having no common sense). My boiler's making weird noises, now. I'm trying to pretend it isn't.
Also, would you ever care to share your lentil-spinach-chilli-garlic recipe? It sounds amazing and I'd love to try it...

11:16 AM  
Blogger Manuel said...

the oil man cometh....well he better be here soon I have work at 4pm.....they are always bloody late......and are you supposed to talk to them when they are filling the tank? I never know what to talk about.....

1:59 PM  
Blogger Mudflapgypsy said...

Hails: The boiler needs a proper service after being neglected for 6 years hence the hired professional. I have read up on the cleaning and general maintenance so I can look after it until it needs a real service. I think I will also go and find out how to set the nozzles and airflow etc.

I only do these things out of sheer skinflintedness (is that a word?).

Manny: I never know what to say to them either. Thankfully nowadays I can get them to deliver whilst I am out. Oh, the joys of not living in beller.

5:54 PM  

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