Tuesday, February 06, 2007

NO landscape on Sunday

I did not get out into the world to use my camera on Sunday..sigh...
I will be trying to learn to use the wireless flash operation tonight though. Off the camera flash is always better. Photography is light after all, who needs a camera? Oh yeah, I need to show other people my ideas of what I think looks good.Duuuh.
I did bring it into work today and get a couple of shots of my colleagues using the wireless lighting trick. I like it a lot. Veeery nice. Still TTL though. Gotta set things to manual and stop being lazy.

On Sunday I tried a recipe out of a Cafe Paradiso cookbook. I made corn pancakes with red pepper and red onion and cheese filling. I made a tomato sauce to go with it. The recipe used goats cheese but I used manchego instead and added black beans.
A big thumbs up from the Mrs and I really liked it too. Definitely one to make again.


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