Monday, January 08, 2007

All work and no play.....

So much for getting a DVD put together quickly....
I had to clean up every scan becasue the lab aren't as dust free as they should be. It took a long time. Then I had to make an edit of the images. I spent a few hours on Saturday morning and then most of Sunday as well. A great pity I agreed a price beforehand which most definitely reflect the work involved. Oh well, I only did the job to pay for some christmas presents.
The edit came down to 132 images which had to be cut down again to 99 to fit in with Nero's 99 image limit. This amount is for the happy couple and their families. I would cut it down to under 30 myself. It tells a story of the day and I am happy with it. Well, as happy as one who always feels they can do better can be. I deliver the photos and discs this week and the couple should be back from honeymoon near the end of the month. Then I get paid.

That is the last wedding I'll be doing in quite some time I think.

I only shoot black and white.
I shoot candids.
I really do not like taking the ubiquitous posed shots.

This still doesn't put people off.

I will be saying NO from now on as I have found if you do a good job word spreads.

I know, I sound like I have a screw loose, think of it this way - I am pretty damn good working in a shop and dealing with the public but I won't be doing that anytime soon. I'd rather use those skills in another arena, ya dig? Same with the photography, I'd rather use the skills on another subject. Covering events etc, good old fashioned reportage. I know I'm not going to end up rich doing this but I love doing it and it makes me feel good.

I am pretty good at other areas of photography too but reportage and landscapes ( meditation to me ) are what floats my boat.

Specialization is for insects.


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