Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Toys

My purchasing has started and my Nikon SB800 flashgun has arrived.
Blimey, I have apparently been a follower of Ned Ludd. I have been working with old school camera bodies and flashguns up until now. I chose the Nikon F4s way back when as opposed to the cheaper new style electronic LCD on the top of the body types. The manual controls on the top of the body meant that I didn't have to change my working style at all.
I use ( still will be using all this kit, not getting rid of it and going completely digital ) film cameras and a Metz 45CL-4 and feel comfortable using it all. TTL flash is still a novelty as I like setting everything myself.
I now face a steep learning curve with the new digital body and flashgun. I never realised that a flashgun could be as complicated until I got my mitts on the SB800. It does things that I had to learn to judge using trial and error. Balanced fill flash at the touch of a button for example. A whold new world this is to me. I still like setting things like film speed, never have let a camera do it for me. Apart from compacts where I have no choice, of course.

I will hopefully pick up the camera body ( Nikon D200 ) today and the battery grip is on it's way and should be with me by the weekend.
I shall have to go out and earn some money as I am out of pocket quite a bit for this lot.

My nephew has his 1st birthday on Saturday and I will be spending from now until then learning how to use my new kit.


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