Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Biting the bullet, grasping the nettle etc

Info time....

I can take a good photo. No really, I am published and all that malarkey, book covers, magazine editorial ( well ,one), annual reports, brochures etc. But I am a rather shy introverted individual , hence the pseudonym. Every photo is under my own name so I cannot post y'all a link.
Now it sounds like I am telling lies. Hmm...
I may post some when I set up a flickr account. Watch this space.
I haven't done any exciting stuff like book covers in about 3.5 years now.
I lost my mojo, if you can call it that.

I was asked to take some photos at a friends wedding in August. Nothing formal, just candid pictures of people enjoying themselves.

I got some really good photos. I captured the spirit of the event. I did good.

It made me feel good about my abilities again. I got as drunk as the rest of them as well.

I put together a DVD slideshow of my edit of the pics, a reportage style covering of the day.

On the back of this I got a paying gig.
Enough money to put together sufficient funding to take a leap into digital land.

Not enough for the top of the range model, more like 2 steps up from the bottom but in line with my immediate needs/wants.

I don't actually like doing weddings per se as the stuffy formal shots are ususally implicit in the deal no matter what the bride and groom say. I don't like doing them, I am not "That guy".
I feel like a performing monkey doing all that crap.

I like to float about and catch things that are normally missed.

Can you tell I am a big fan of Gary Winogrand? Huh, can you?

Anyway the move to digital has been a long time coming.
It will mean I can take paying jobs that otherwise I had to turn down due to me not being able to get to a lab as my day job means I am not in the vicinity of an E6 lab anymore.
With the new camera I can just pop the photos on a disk and post/deliver them.

I am not in the cut and thrust world of news photography, no thanks, so getting images to someone within minutes of shooting isn't a priority. But cutting out the lab saves a lot of time.

Some things will still demand the large tranny ( no, I am not a cross dresser ) and the laborious route of the lab will have to be undertaken.

I still like film better as I have a couple of little rangefinders I picked up on ebay for £100.
Like vinyl versus CD as a friend of mine pointed out. Each fills a niche in my opinion.

The immediacy of digital does appeal and the ability to see macro shots at the time to ascertain lighting and focus will be a revelation.

I still need the polaroid back for the 120 camera though.

Maybe some day I'll find my photographic niche and make it pay instead of the dayjob.

Did I mention that I like the creative process and would love an agent to hawk me, they can do all the selling etc and I'll make the images?

Maybe some day.


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