Friday, January 05, 2007

First Friday of the year.

I am feeling celebratory as it is the first Friday of the year and I have been on a really healthy diet for four days to detox from the excesses of Christmas. Tonight, me and the Mrs are heading out to the Pizza Parlour for pizza and a bottle or two of wine. A brief respite from the healthy eating frenzy we have both embraced over the past 4 odd days. I am really looking forward to it. Then an evening of music, maybe some of Tom Waits new album. One of the discs anyway, there being three. Some relaxing jazz for afters or maybe the Mrs will want to watch that Celeb Bigbruvva nonsense. I shall then make myself scarce as I cannot take it anymore, I have had my fill of that faux reality caigh. I hope I spelt that correctly?
Enough of my ranting. The Pizza parlour has rickety tables and is dark and I love it. the pizzas are good and you can bring your own alcoholic beverages if so inclined and it is cheap. If the pizzas weren't good I wouldn't go. A cheap night out with plenty of the feelgood factor.

Alas I have to do some picture editing tomorrow morning for someones wedding DVD so an evening of wild excess is not on the cards.


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