Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Funny valentine

Bah humbug,.... dang that was christmas.

No matter, I don't do "Valentine's Day".
I have done in the past, not a lot mind you.
Mrs M doesn't do it either, which is handy. It isn't that I am unromantic, rather that I am kicking against the pricks, in a manner of speaking, and not participating in a load of bloody nonsense dating back to an ancient pagan festival which was subsequently co-opted by Christianity. Never mind the fact that it is yet another excuse to program us to purchase more stuff. Ranting, me?

What a load of dreck.

I am romantic EVERYDAY and I don't need to save it up all year and go out to dinner ( worst night in the year to do so, you have been warned people) and buy overpriced cut flowers etc.


Romantic gestures do not have to be intertwined with a retail experience.

I did do something today though.
I got out of bed whilst Mrs M was in the shower and made a batch of pancake batter.
Pancakes for breakfast.

Eat your heart out. ( Pun intended.)


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