Friday, February 09, 2007

Cold Turkey not wild turkey...

My name is Mudflapgypsy and I am an addict.

I have weaned myself off my drug of choice after I tried going cold turkey. That was pretty horrible. Nasty, nasty headaches, irritability. Yuk.

I was addicted to caffeine and my delivery vehicle was coffee.

Hell, I miss being able to have a coffee when I am out in a cafe. Dagnabbit.
I am now drinking many cups of decaff coffee when I get home from work. Talk about a habit.
I love the taste. Americano, black coffee, coffee with enough milk to just make it turn a dark brown, espresso...aaaaaahhhh. Coffee sweets, coffee flavoured cake, butter cream icing and walnuts too.

You get the picture.

I am kind of cheating though, I have been eating roasted peanuts encased in chocolate and covered in a crispy sugary casing. Yum. Still cheating though. ( not saying dagnabbit again as that really would be gratuitous). When I was but a nipper they were called "Peanut Treats" and I loved them. I have to make do with their modern incarnation. Still magic though.

I have also stopped drinking alcohol. Thankfully I didn't consume it on the same scale as coffee.

I miss beer. I mean real beer not laaaaaaaager. Stout too. sigh.
I miss having wine with dinner at the weekends.
Still, it is all going to be good for my health. I am sleeping really well, which is good. When I do have a coffee or a drink of alcohol again I will be bamboozled very quickly.

I was able/daft enough to drink a pot of coffee before lunch at weekends. That really cannot be good for the health. Can't be.


Blogger grumpy old man said...

keep up the good work old boy. one day at a time and all that.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Mudflapgypsy said...

You better believe it.
Thinking of falling off the wagon briefly for Easter. Apparently I will have been off long enough that I will have built up enough credit for lent for the next 3 yrs. Nice.

8:39 PM  

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