Thursday, March 06, 2008

The flashing blade

This post is prompted by Nelly slicing herself with what she termed an overly sharpened kitchen knife.

I keep my kitchen knives very sharp indeed as I have had two incidents of digital injury due to knives being blunt and slipping, generally off an onion. The idea of avoiding onions was a non starter. I now keep my knives scary sharp. No more injury. Did I mention about having imbibed alcoholic beverages before wielding the blade?

I no longer have more than one drink before chopping or cutting and since the blades are scary sharp no more slipping.

Ending up in the emergency room with either your thumb or forefinger (two separate occasions) sliced and pulsing blood steadily on a Saturday evening is not my idea a of a fun night out. Really not so when the hunger is upon you and you have had to leave dinner preparation to deal with a fingertip hanging off or a deep slice that is also through a thumbnail. Ouch.

I bought some japanese knives from Nippon Kitchen which came scary sharp out of the box.
I was impressed.
Of course, I had to go and buy a suitable sharpening system to keep these blades at the correct level of scariness.
Shaving hair off my arm is my measure of sharpness, or slicing a piece off a sheet of paper with no tearing.
I stick with the paper as my arms started to look mangy.

Keep the knives sharp and don't get pissed before you start flailing away with the blade.

A simple maxim to live by.


Anonymous Nick said...

Oh our kitchen knives would definitely fail the Mudflap scary sharpness test. They're sort of sharp and we have a sharpening device but it's not often used. Anyway the fantastic taste of well fried, slightly crispy onions is more important than the sharpness of the knife (I think). Oh, and if I want to depilate my arm I find waxing's easier, ha ha.

1:01 PM  

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