Monday, July 09, 2007

Spinal Tap

Live Earth.

I only wanted to see Spinal Tap and maybe check out the Police ( lacklustre) as I don't agree fully with the sentiment behind it nor do I like many of the performers. I thought it odd that someone like Radiohead wasn't aligning themselves with it, nor Coldplay. Two bands I do not listen to.
Madonna was the London main act and she has shares in some of the most polluting companies on the planet. Hypocrisy? No. Shameless self promotion, the only thing I think she is excellent at and has consistently proven so. Who cares what the cause is, everybody look at me!!!

My real rant is that Spinal Tap were to perform 3 songs and the goddamn BBC cut to Jonathan bloody Ross as they started their third and last song. This was the only thing I was waiting on, having a telly on in the living room and working in the kitchen. Not watching the drivel is what I am trying to say here.
The only thing I really wanted to see and they they cut the broadcast.

So can I get a discount on my tv tax then?
I am not happy with the service.


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