Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Getting older

Attending the cremation of my friend's mother (a guy who is like the brother I never had, by the way) was an odd experience. It was the first time I have had to attend the funeral for a friends parent. It was marked, I thought, by the small amount of attendees on the non family side. Myself, Mrs M and Mr DJ (another old friend) were in attendance along with the guy who my friend works with on a two man team and a young apprentice (that's a three man team then I suppose.). So, work colleagues aside, that made three of us.

I was thinking maybe a lot of people couldn't get time off work or were on holiday.
Maybe I was being too nice.
Maybe, and I realise I am theorising here, all those other people who didn't show up aren't really friends at all and this is the sort of situation when one finds out who one's true friends actually are?

Hmm, maybe.

Quality not quantity, eh?


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