Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rock n roll

I filled 6 x 1 GB cards at the Glyder gig on Saturday night. A mighty edit was done, as mentioned in my last posting. This was whittled down to 100 shots and then pared down further to about 9 for me to post on t'internet and a disc of about 20 to the guys who run the rock nights upstairs in the diamond bar in Ahoghill.

Shooting at 1600 asa and 2000 asa made the pics rather grainy. I calmed this down slightly using some software. (I quite like the grain though).

Of course if more wattage of lighting had been available I wouldn't have had to up the asa so much. The band would have been cooked though....

Gaffa taping flash guns on the lighting rig next time maybe.
I really enjoyed taking these photos. I started out taking photos of bands in 1990. I stopped in 1995 for a reason I can't remember.
With digital I can shoot as many pics as my cards will carry. At no extra cost. If I had been shooting film at the Glyder gig it would have cost me £100 approx for film and processing.
Digital rules for high volume shooting.

The pics are on my flickr site if anyone wants a look. I posted the pre grain removal shots.


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