Saturday, June 09, 2007

Its hot, George...

Enjoying the weather?

I am.

I've just been weeding (and no, I don't have a speech impediment). Crap joke over then.
It is hot though. I sometimes wonder how we will cope with warm weather. We don't have buildings kitted out for it as we are set up for cold and wet weather. Not every building has aircon.
Funny how we now have a govt company called Northern Ireland Water and not a squeak about reservoir capacity. Just endless talk of water charges. A moot point if there isn't going to be enough water to pump to customers .
Our water retention facilities are woefully inadequate. One not so wet winter and the water levels in our reservoirs drop by a scary amount.
Now, global warming.
A hot potato subject if ever there was one.
Hypothetically speaking, just say the sun is getting warmer. Just say other planets in our solar system are also heating up much the same way we are. Just say that the amount of crap we pump into the atmosphere isn't the cause of this heating up but is exacerbating it-worst case scenario.

What to do?

Fecking carbon credits are not the way to go.
Still, I am not going to making billions from carbon credit trading, maybe I am jealous.
Yet another con foisted upon us.
So, the sun is heating up ( I am still being hypothetical here), it isn't a manmade phenomenon and because some misguided people have bleated very loudly saying it is I am going to have to pay extra tax?
Wank3rs, I say.
I wish I'd thought of it. Nice scam.

Now, before anyone starts slapping me on the back and handing me a cigar from their Rangerover humidor.... Stick it in your ear and stop driving that bloody thing round town. Why do you feel the need to drive such a huge vehicle? They are not safer as their centre of gravity is higher, ergo they are more prone to cowp going round bends.
It is too big, it makes you think you are invincible and hence makes your driving skills even less evident. Much kudos to those people in overly large vehicles who actually DRIVE OFFROAD. You can tell them apart as they are covered in muck and most definitely do not have low profile tyres.

All this ranting, it must be the global warming.


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