Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Mrs M was working hard over the weekend including afternoon on Sunday so I told her I'd take her out for something to eat and few drinks.
She worked until 8pm on Saturday night and we were booked in for 9pm. Mrs M got home a little earlier than expected so as to give more time to get ready. Being ready early meant we actually arrived at our destination on time.

We arrived at the Blackstone, or should I say "Upstairs at the Blackstone" dead on 9pm.
I had even got dressed up for the occasion, prompting Mrs M to rethink her planned outfit.
Thankfully she was able to put one together in a flash and looked lovely.

I am not going to give a critique of this eating establishment. Suffice to say the food is the best in Ballymena ( within the town, that is ) and it was only the second time I have eaten there. We'll be back soon. Well, when the menu changes as there is only one non meat option (I don't eat meat).

Great food cooked really well and very good service indeed. I must have had a good time as I tipped more than is usual.

We contemplated having a drink downstairs but the band was too loud for conversation. We opted to go and sit at the bar in the Grouse where I had a couple of pints of Guinness. The thought of dancing sprang to mind but as we heard the noises emanating from the "disco" upstairs we both reappraised the situation and said "Naaah". A little dancing may have been fun. Pity there is absolutely nowhere playing music to dance to for people of our age in Ballymena ( late 30's). Who am I kidding, we are not of the demographic that goes out on the lash every weekend trying to pull. I haven't been dancing in so long I can't remember (my living room doesn't count).

One novel experience was there not being any tobacco smoke, the downside of this being the pong of the wanker that farted beside us prompting me to exclaim loudly " Stinkin' bastard, who did that?". I did have drink taken but thankfully the guilty party melted away rather quickly.

The gassing notwithstanding a rather pleasant evening was had.

Some dancing was observed in our living room later on after a few more drinks.


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