Friday, March 02, 2007

I hate Amy Winehouse !

I love her really.

She is selling T-shirts on her tour with I HATE AMY WINEHOUSE as the slogan.
Nice marketing that ( Bill Hicks is spinning as I type this.....) ;-)

Me, the missus, the sister in law and her friend all went last night to the Ulster Hall to hear Ms Winehouse make love to our ears.

We were not disappointed.

The only niggle would be that it was a proper album/tour.
No songs off the 1st album then. Damn.

Still, the 2nd album is just sublime and they more than pulled it off live.
What a band and what a voice, that girl has a gift, she really does.
Needs a good feed though. She looked wild skinny and it does not suit her. She is only doing it to appease some wankers in the press who said she was fat. Fook 'em I say. Be yourself, girl.
I yelled my appreciation, especially after my fave songs like Back to black, Rehab and Mr Jones.
Bloody marvellous.
Can you tell I enjoyed it?

2nd highlight of the night was realising there is a noodle bar in Bradbury place called---
FOO-KIN Noodle bar. Fantastic.


Blogger Sandy said...

pah! to her, I Really do ahte Amy Wineyhouse.

9:01 PM  

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