Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ebay and film cameras

I have bought a few cameras off ebay. I have a Zorki 4 (don't really use , just a nice thing to have) Magpie, me?
I have a Yashica Electro GT 35 (cool name and cracking wee camera) and a Canon Canonet QLIII 17. Great camera, small, easy focussing quiet. A great carry anywhere camera, pity my 283 is bigger than it. I missed out on the canon flash for it. Rats.
I recently aquired an Olympus OM1 with 50mm f1.8 lens and a T20 flash gun. I thought I got it at a good price even though all the bloody light seals need replaced and the mirror damping too.
I have the foam kit at home and shall spend this evening scraping the gooey knackered light seals from the camera. Maybe tomorrow night I'll get to put the new seals in. I also had to order a new battery .

My sister in law is working in TV production and will be filming a programme about learning photography. She is wanting to take advantage of this, hence my purchase of the camera for her. I may have spent the money but I win all round. If she gets bored I can get it for myself. Magpie definitely. If she really enjoys it I have helped another human to make images. Ye cannae buy that.

I have always wanted an Olympus set up......

Still getting to grips with the D200, New post for that.


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