Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Digital camera and widgets

I have used my D200 for two kids birthday parties so far and the results are excellent. I bought myself a cheapo wireless flash trigger kit and a well used but working Nikon SB25 flash gun. This makes for great lighting indeed. Two flashguns ( SB800 and SB 25) and no wires makes for nicer lighting.
Mostly bouncing off the ceiling or an adjacent wall so far. Gone are the days lugging two prolinca heads around. Well, unless I really need them that is , like all day work in one place with AC power and no-one tripping over the power leads.

My main problem is time management....I have so much film scanning backed up and a camera to clean up and reseal this week. AAAArrgghhhh.

I need 45 hour days please.

I digress.

Anyone with a digital camera out there with a flash hotshoe, get yourself a couple of flashguns with adjustable manual power settings and a set of those wireless flash triggers off ebay. You will be able to creat a myriad of lighting setups.

One tip. DO NOT put a flashgun that isn't designed specifically for digital cameras on the hotshoe on your camera. It will FRY the circuits and you have a dead camera.
Why d'ya think I stumped up the cash for a SB800? I already had a Metz 45 CL4 and a Vivitar 283 but they would have turned my D200 into a paperweight with a faint whiff of burnt circuitboard for added effect. now some people may argue that some iterations of the 283 are digi safe.....I don't gamble, better to be safe than sorry.

I may try some lighting lessons on myself tonight.

I have set up a flickr account so expect some posting soooon.


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