Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Infernal machine

Before I start, I am not posting this from my home PC.

My home PC has decided not to recognise the keyboard at the password login screen. All attempts last night at fooling the machine into working were to no avail. Ok So I don't have unpassworded accounts, hey I'm security conscious. It also has buggered things up rightly.



I tried last known good config, I tried turning off the user password, I tried every bleeding USB port on the damn machine. Nuttin'.
The mouse is ps2 and it works fine. The keyboard works fine up until the OS Logon screen then it takes it's ball and goes home.

I have done some research this morning and things are not looking good, ie : I will have to spend an evening or two fannying about with the damn thing until I get it fixed.

I spent about a week last August having to cope with a corrupted OS after putting in a separate hard disk. Reinstalling windoze is not my idea of a pleasant evening or two indoors. Ok, finicky machine I can deal with but this new problem is out of the blue and an almighty pain in the ass.

I am not a happy bunny right now.


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