Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I have broken my abstinence (maybe I should seek medical help?).

Last night I had me a beer. Well, two beers to be precise.

Beer no.1 was a "Clotworthy Dobbin", brewed in Kilkeel no less. It was a nice dark "chewy" ale with a very bitter aftertaste. A rude awakening after such a long time.

Beer no. 2 was a "Coopers ale" red label. Very nice and refreshing after the bitterness of the local brewing. I enjoyed them very much indeed. I did feel a bit tiddly half way through the first though. An odd sensation filled with remembrance. I had some food and calmed down a bit.

I don't think I shall return to the pattern I frequented in the past. My sleeping has been marvellous, though the alcohol imbibed last night had a deleterious effect on my rest. I felt rather more tired this morning than than I have in quite some time.

All things considered there is a bottle of rioja with my name on it in the wine rack. ( No, I am not a hoity-toity wine snob, the rack is there to hold the bottles for a short time until they get empied, like). I also intend to have the last of the Cretan raki and maybe a snifter or two of whatever Talisker I have left from Christmas.

At the weekend of course.

Can't get all giddy and throw caution to the wind just yet.


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