Thursday, March 29, 2007

Olympus OM1

My sister inlaw is getting into photography as she is now the proud owner of an Olympus OM1.
She has finished one roll ( give her time- she'll be a film junkie soon enough) and started on another.
I get to see her first efforts soon. Hope they are better than mine were.
I have only spent about an hour explaining exposure to her so far. This process was speeded up by using my gossen lunasix F meter (analogue ) and the LCD on the back of my D200.
I swear you could the lightbulb above her head. More lessons to follow.

Young people nowadays don't know when they've got it good.

Learning on a digital would be so easy, compared to learning on a film camera. I know that you can soup film quickly but an LCD on the back showing you in a second what you have taken is a revelation.


Blogger Sinead H said...

I totally agree with you - I can't ever envisage returning to film since changing over a couple of years ago. Long live digital!

9:29 PM  
Blogger Mudflapgypsy said...

I haven't given up film, no way daddio ! I can't really stick my D200 in my pocket. I can with some of my film cameras though.
One I can't bung in a pocket is a Mamiya RB67 which hasn't seen daylight in a while now. It will be getting rudely awoken sometime soon as I have film in the fridge needing using.

Digital is still evolving albeit at a fast rate. I put off buying for quite some time. Still, what I bought will be outmoded in 12 months or so. That is the only problem. I, of course, wait for the affordable 50MP pocket camera with full size sensor and interchangeable lenses.

It'll be some wait.

2:11 PM  

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