Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Getting old

I am not happy with this getting old lark.
I drove 250 miles yesterday and was knackered last night and am still feeling tired today.

It must be my age. Which is 38 this Sunday. God , I feel old ( Is it blasphemy if you don't have any religion?).
How nice it is, that "the powers that be" organised a public holiday around my birthday.
I like that.

I spent last night boiling up chickpeas for cooking ( they had been soaking all day ) .
Well, I only needed to put them in a pot and boil the bejasus out o' them for 20 mins and then turn the heat down low for an hour or so. I didn't feel like doing much other than sitting on my ass and scanning some old negs.

Scanning is bloody tedious but not as tedious as having to clean up the resulting scans in photochop afterwards. That is no fun. Still, better than having to spot prints, which I have never been any good at whatsoever.

I am going to indulge in some macro pictures of garlic tonight. Results on flickr later.

My flickr account is NOT under the name Mudflapgypsy though.
Check the link on a preceding post.

There I've said I'm gonna do it, I have to now.


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