Thursday, March 29, 2007

some pics

Well, I've been prompted to get off my ass.

Cheers, Sandy.

I'll only get up for a second , proper posting of photos will happen over the course of the next few weeks. The back catalogue will be hunted through and scanned and new shots with the D200 will be put up.

On the flickr page are some pics taken with my employer provided pocket digicam. Just to get things started, ya know. These will be taken down when things get up and running properly.

Oh yeah, the pic of the guy holding up the primal scream album is from my youth. He never liked having his picture taken, ever.
I love this shot though. Shows off my bad scanning technique.
Will blitz this one later then.


Blogger Sandy said...

Your on Flickr! Well i better go and have a wee search for ya.

4:41 PM  
Blogger Sinead H said...

Me too!

9:31 PM  

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