Monday, May 07, 2007


I need a laptop for the sole purpose of photographic manipulation.

I have weighed up my options and thought long and hard about Windows versus Macintosh.

I am not happy with all the reports I am hearing about Vista. I mean, they release a new OS and still it isn't right. I have enough fun wrasslin' with XP. ( Sarcasm, moi?) I hear that Vista makes a horlicks of RAW images metadata. Man, I can do without that kinda crap. Keepin' my head together with using all this software for my photography is enough without being the IT guy to keep it all runnin' smoooooooth.

I am gonna go and spend the money on a Macbook.

I also have an old PC that I thought I could put linux on......then I realised it doesn't have enough RAM. Fit for nuttin'. Any older versions of linux that'll run on 128MB RAM ????????

Cox's pippin anyone?


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