Thursday, September 20, 2007

Two ponces in a landrover

I have to write about this as it is rare I get incensed by a tv programme.
This one got me.

I thought that the premise of this show was ok. Living off the land and only eating wild caught food.

I am sold already. The skills of living off the land should be taught in schools, in my opinion.

Ok the two protagonists are terribly posh, I can get past that.
They have a landrover stuffed to the gills with supplies from a supermarket…..
…aren’t they supposed to be living off the land? I can’t get past this one.

Oh, the “arse in the sunlight whilst pouring water over himself shots” guy always carries a shotgun when he’s out in the country. Everyone has one lying about don’t they?


I was looking forward to these people eating trout stuffed with sorrel or seafood medley. You know, the sort of things you can get in the wild. Not stuff taken from a farmers garden supplemented with vegetables, herbs and spices from the local bloody Tesco!!
Describing a wild wood pigeon as “free range” ……….. Wild equals free range then?
Give me strength.

I’m sure the producers are doing the “we do good TV” dance.
Poncy arsed crap, I say.

Lifestyle TV for cityfolk who have never been in a field.
Bloody Bankers.
I knew I wouldn’t be viewing another episode half way through the first one.

Rant over.


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