Friday, October 10, 2008

Goodbye Ray

My manager of 4.75 years retires today.
We are going out tonight to give him a send off, it'll be odd him not being here.
He may have been cantankerous at times and interfering, even annoying but he was always approachable and a damn fine human being. He has a wealth of knowledge that will be very much missed. Rather large shoes to fill and I fear that there is no chance of anyone doing so.

I'm sad to see him go but as he says himself he would have been away earlier if he could.

I was warned that he had a habit of engaging you in conversation as you had your coat on and were heading out the door. Yup, still was catching me out up to last month with that one. He bluffed it if he didn't know something, once I figured out when he was doing this I could really learn from him. It took me near a year to do so. He was encouraging, he praised me in public for good work I had done. Needless to say this didn't happen very often but when it did, the people that mattered where listening.

Ach, I'm just a big softy reminiscing here, plenty of time for that later tonight.


Anonymous Nick said...

It's always sad when a valued workmate leaves, particularly if they're forced out by those at the top. And invariably the person taking over is disappointing. Quite often it's only when someone's gone that you realise just how good they were and how much you learnt from them.

2:13 PM  

better the devil you know than the devil you don't - let's hope the person to take his place will be a good one too

12:14 PM  

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