Saturday, September 06, 2008


Mrs M wanted to do the Fairhill carboot so we got up at 5 am and got prepared.
We picked up the sister in law and her boyfriend at 6.15 and went to sell a load of old tat.
I was only providing logistical support, thankfully, as I am laden with a throat infection which is downright nasty. Hot whiskey may have to play a part in the recuperation process later.

Getting up a mere two hours earlier than normal has sent me sideways. I look at the clock and think it is hours later than it really is.
What is this, home brew jetlag?

Mrs M and the crew packed up at 11.30 as the place was dead.
Certainly the least busy I have ever seen it. Only three cars selling tat, I mean family heirlooms, whilst the rest were traders.

I just had a short nap and feel a little better for it, Mrs M is taking a bit longer but then she was out in the cold selling , or trying to.


Anonymous Nick said...

Every time I drive through Dundrum there's a car boot sale. It seems to be the car boot centre of Norn Iron. And there's always masses of people. They must go there for a day out like people go to shopping centres. God knows where they get so much junk, sorry heart-warming treasures, to keep the whole thing going. No way I'd get up at 5 am, even if fifty pound notes were floating down the street. On second thoughts....

10:14 PM  
Blogger Mudflapgypsy said...

It was all a big least that is what I am telling myself.

10:45 AM  

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