Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fookin rubbish.

I went out with two good friends last Saturday night. We had decided to go out and grab some food before the evening really started. Then it turned out that only two of us were to dine, I say dine….read on.

Not being organised, we hadn’t reserved a table anywhere so we thought we would try the Foo-Kin Noodle Bar. I had eaten in Ba-Soba years ago and also recently had takeout from Food-Affair in Ballymena. I like noodle dishes.

We entered the Foo-Kin place and were advised to pay first, a tenner too. Then we realised what was going on. £10 for all you can eat. Oh, dear. Those words never bode well. I had some noodles, some of which were baked hard and some “mixed vegetable”.
No boiled rice on offer, trading standards should get a call as this was listed on the menu.

My companion had double helpings as he had more choice and a strong determination to get his money’s worth.

If I had more choice I would have too.

Never shall I be across the threshold of that place again.
Noodle bar, my arse, bloody mediocre “chinese” food more like.
Great name but really does not live up to the advertising.
Fookin rubbish.

Just say no kids.


Blogger Manuel said...

Try Tao on the Dublin road......a thousand times better......

11:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They arnt that bad. I think may be you went to there too late at night as there will be little food left and they wont make more due to closing time. Have you went to other places in belfast? A Tenner can only get little food and one choice! I think its a tenner is reasonable price for that many choices.

1:40 PM  

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