Monday, December 18, 2006

The christmas do

I was out with my work colleagues last Friday. We started at midday and I lasted until 6pm when I was sprited away, pun intended, by the wife. My very own taxi service. A handy thing to have. The rest of the merry bunch stayed another 3 hours or so. I think I got out whilst the going was good. Well, while I could still stand that is. Today I have heard stories of grown men swapping shirts in the toilets. Did they mistakenly think they were at full time at a match?
Stories of younger male members of staff being sought out by similarly aged female members of staff and snogged in darkened corners. Lucky devil, oh to be young and know what I know now...a lament for another post. More hilarious stories of three cubicles in the female toilets being opened simultaneously after a vigorous bout of boking by three women of a more mature appearance. It is christmas after all, if you can't let your hair down now when can you?
I was quite boring and just got quite drunk and was in bed asleep by half past nine, in the evening. Serve me right for being wilder when I was young, I suppose.


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