Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yes M'lud

I spent the day in court it wasn't me in the stand.
Very interesting day, watching the machinations of a defense QC working his magic.

I watched a colleague have himself a new arsehole torn by a QC over a period of 3 hours. Ow, that was vicious. Glad it wasn't me up there.

Boy was it rough, seemingly, if you have the money you can hire some really vicious toe-rags to operate on your behalf and I don't mean the beat your teeth in kind. Whooooo.

He looked like he enjoyed it too. My colleague didn't, needless to say.
I hope he went home and relaxed after it.

I reckon it would take me ten hours of T'ai Chi to recover from that, or a bottle of red wine, whichever was easiest.


Blogger Tater said...

It's tough to cringe and observe at the same time, especially if it's a friend that's getting the ass-whipping. A friend of mine is a cop here in Chicago, and gets toyed with incessantly by defense lawyers. He manages to get his licks in too, and it seems to equal out in the end. Feel sorry for the people he busts who let him know they are attorneys though. Doesn't go well for them most times.

9:38 PM  
Anonymous nick said...

These lawyers can be pretty vicious in the name of earning their fee and acquitting their client. Those on the receiving end can finish up complete emotional wrecks unless they've got nerves of steel. No wonder many people who've been raped or suffered some other injustice don't go to court because they can't face the extra trauma of that sort of relentless grilling.

9:16 AM  
Blogger 陳琪貞Peggy said...


3:06 AM  

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